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In this post we are going to go over what’s email marketing. It’s purpose. It’s types and how does it works.

What’s Email Marketing?

Email marketing is simply sending emails to people.

The Purpose Of Email Marketing

The goal or the purpose of email marketing is to promote things or to sell things or to get traffic.

Types Of Email Marketing

There are four types of email marketing.

One is called cold email. This is when the person you send the email is not aware of you yet. Usually this is an initial email. You can look at it as an unsolicited email that was send to a receiver without prior knowledge or sometime without consent. Contrary to the popular believe, cold email is legal as long as you follow the applicable regulations.

Second is called warm email. This is when you personalize the email to allow the receiver to know you better and let the receiver know that you there to help. A warm email is someone that show interest in your product or service by opt-in into your email list. Usually the person opt – in while visiting your blog.

Third is called transactional email. This is easy to understand, when people buy something or there is a type of transaction and the customer provide the email. Usually found in order confirmation, or notifications emails. Think of amazon if you sign up and you provide your email this is a transactional email. Also double opt in or invoices or password reset emails.

Four is called bulk email. This one you usually need a type of software that allow you to send emails to a huge group of people at once. Bulk email is not spam or junk email. Some people call bulk emails spam or gray or junk emails. The reason for this is because of the high volume of email send at once, a portion of these email may end up in the spam box.

How Email Marketing Works

you can make email marketing works in 3 simple steps

  1. Build an email list.
  2. Set up the system that allow the sending of emails.
  3. Analyze and optimize the data you get.

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