How To Write A Blog Post Every Day

How To Write A Blog Post Every Day

In this post we are going to go over how you can write a blog post every day.

You may think that you may run out of ideas of what to write or you may not know what niche to pick. But there is away to always has something to write about.

are you ready?

I heard Gary Vee said these words; Document, Do not create. I also heard him said your niche is you the human. That you have to be as broad as possible but still be fully you.

If you where to type ” How To Write A Blog Post Every Day ” on the search engine, and pick a few blogs to read. You will notice that most blogs tell that you need to pick a niche and they also tell you to create.

But this guy is saying the opposite. Is like he wants to pick fight with the majority.

Although what he’s saying make total sense.

If you were to document you journey, you will always has something to write about. Also if you were to think that your niche is you the human, then you can go and write on any topic that you are currently interest in. If you get bore , well just move to another topic.

That bring us to habits

If you write every day in something that you are interest then eventually it will becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you problem is solve. It will be hard for you to stop writing because it’s a habit.

Read A Lot

You should read a lot. The more your read the better. be reflective about it. I meant do active reading. When you read something, read with the intent to understand it.

Do Summaries

You should do summaries of every thing you read, write you thought down. This will help you evaluate what you read.

Most likely, reading and writing everyday will change your mindset. It will change the way you look at things. It will make you see and understand that you know so little.

But don’t do it for the money. Do it because you love it. if you keep writing what’s probably is going to have is that you are going to get so good at it that money will come anyway.

Plus when thing get hard and it will hard. If you doing something you love and it’s beneficial then it’s worth it.

How Long Should Blog Posts Be

Some people ask how long should a blog post be.

well, put yourself on the other side of the fence. If you have a problem and someone has a blog post with the solution. You probably wont care how long it is, as long as it has the solution.

how about if two blog post has the solution. One solution is in a long blog post and the other solution is in a short blog post.

Which one would you pick?

If given a choice most likely you will pick the short one.

So you probably shouldn’t be thinking about how long the post should be. Instead, think about how you can share the solution in a simple way.


What about Originality?

Well, throw it in the trash. that’s right, I said it.

Unless you are some kind of super, extraordinary, and I mean like a genius among genius. Then you can worry about originality, if you are not then throw it in the trash.


If you were to go to any search engine and type a rare topic. I can almost guarantee that someone has already talk about it. And if the topic is popular, you are going to find so many results that this ain’t even funny no more.

The only thing I can think of that is original is you. yes you the human. Therefore, someone may write something one way and another person may write down the same thing. But in his and her own way.

Of course, you should give credit when credit is due. Don’t go stealing other people work and reposting it. That won’t help anyone not even you. Plus the search engine are really advance nowadays.

But if you learn something you can document what you learned put your own sauce on it. If you already know something document what you already know and make it better.

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