In this post you are going to explain html in a few minutes. by the way HTML means hypertext markup language.

You always start with index.html this is just like the instruction manual for every website you load. to load css { }, JG { ; } , or images or both or many.

Every webpage is like a folder in your computer that the browser can assemble with these instructions.

for a example if you were to create folder on your computer name it anything you want. Inside that folder create a index.html file and inside that file where to type any word. let say you type the word enjoy

if you were to open the file on a browser then it should show the word enjoy on your browser.

you can transform this content into a html element by adding a opening tag <h1> and a closing tag </h1>. around the content . this is what’s call an complete element because it has tags and content

file name: index.html




html defines 6 levels of heading tags, the heading elements are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, AND H6. H1 is the most important and H6 is the least important.


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