Getting rid of procrastination – It could be simple

I think procrastination is a habit that we develop as way to relieve stress or release stress. You already know you have to do certain task and just the thought of doing that particular task is causing you stress. You avoid that particular task and do something else instead as way to cope with that stress. Rejoice, getting rid of procrastination, it could be simple.

Let’s get some definitions out of the way.

Relief is a noun ( is a name)

What at relief, my friend is here with me today.

Relieve is a verb ( to reduce)

I am giving my friend an Advil pill to relieve his pain.

Release is a verb ( to let out)

My friend enjoy doing exercise as a way to release stress.

Getting rid of procrastination

Getting rid of procrastination is simple. It’s not easy but it’s simple. We already know that procrastination is a habit that we created as way to release stress.


All you have to do is just start the task that you are avoiding.

The problem is not doing the task, the problem is starting the task.

Once you start a task, you are most like going to either work on it partially or you are going to completely finish the task.

So, just use some discipline or willpower to just start the task. Once it becomes a habit, You literately learned a skill against procrastination.

Next time you know have to do something and you feel like procrastinating.

First, Acknowledge the task is stressing you out.

second, in order to get rid of the stress you are going to do one of two things.

You either relieve that stress by doing something else which is not recommended. Since you are just temporary reducing the stress.


You just start doing the task. By just staring that task you are releasing that stress.

Stress is a way of body communication

Stress is part of being human. Stress is one of the ways that the physical body use to communicate with us. you will never is going to be able to get rid of the stress. It’s just not possible.


You can use stress as a trigger.

This is an aha moment.

You see, stress triggers procrastination and the behavior is to avoid doing something that you know you should be doing but you do something else instead.

You see, stress triggers procrastination. But now, you are smarter than that. Your new behavior is to just freaking start the task at hand.

Because once you start the actual task the stress will be release. It’s mostly about the stress.

The release of the stress is the reward. For that reward you are behaving in certain way.

So you are going to behave in a way that benefit you or you are going to behave in away that do not benefit you. Either way the stress is going to be release, may as well release it with something that is beneficial.


A habit an repeated action that is hard to give up or change.

The interesting thing is that once doing the beneficial thing becomes a habit. Then you not longer have to use discipline or will power because you just do it without much effort whether you enjoy or not.

That’s how habits work. Once something becomes a habit whether is good or bad, you just effortlessly do it. And as we already know once a habit is created, in order to change that habit an enormous amount of time and energy is require to change again.

That’s it.

Now, start and adjust as you go.

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