How to get good at something?

To get good at something you just need to start and adjust as you go.

If you practice by writing a blog post everyday. Eventually your writing will become better.

how did Michael Jordan become so good at playing basketball? we can assume that he played everyday.

how did Michael Jackson become so good in music? he probably played everyday.

You can take any skill and apply the law of practice. The more you practice something the shorter the interval gets. Meaning you get better at it.


If you practice investing every day, you’ll get better at it.

Here is an ah ha moment. We can assume that most people want to be wealthy.

If you were to take a portion of your money and invest it into long term investment, another portion into swing trading, and another portion into day trading.

we can assume because you are day trading every day, eventually your skill will improve. Also your day trading skills will affect your swing trading and long term trading as well.

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