If you want to be wealthy, learn a high income skill that solve your income problem.

Over the internet you can find financial advisors telling people how money works. How to save money, how to cut your expenses, how to budget, how to invest the little money you saved, how to become financially independent. There are so much bad advices out there. You may want to check the source.

How many of these people that are giving advice on social media, On tv, Etc. are actually wealthy?

They tell you to budget, they tell you to cut your expenses, they tell you to save, they tell you to invest the little money that you manage to save into index or mutual funds for 30 to 55 years. After all these years of saving and investing your get to retire with the money that you invested.

You get to retire, If the market doesn’t crash of Couse. This is so silly.

Here the problem

They tell you cut you expenses because you have an expense problem.

There is only so much you can cut before you reach your the minimum amount of money that is needed for basic living.

They tell you to cut that cup of coffee. That’s great, if you doing it for healthy reason. But if you doing it to save money. This may not be a good advice since this may just cause you stress. Plus a penny save is still a penny.

They tell you to do a budget. They tell you to count every single expenses that you have and to review it and look at it every day or every week or every month. Then they tell you to cut the expenses that you don’t need so you can save a few pennies to then invest it. This is super silly.

Here is why this approach may not work

Imagine your income come from a regular job or salary or very small business. And let’s say that you’re hustling and you manage to save a few hundreds dollars per month. In a year maybe a few thousands.

Somehow, you manage to become a super robot and you don’t go out, you don’t take trips, you don’t drink your coffee, you don’t hangout with your friends, You cut the expenses, you literally saved every single penny you can save.

Now ask yourself!

Would this help you buy the lifestyle that you want?, Would this help buy the car you want?, Would this help you buy the house you want? Would this help you buy the food you want? Would this help you visit the places you would like to see? Would this help you provide the life your family deserve?

Just think about it for moment.

You spend 30 to 55 years of your life, not living the life you want in the hope to enjoy your final years during the retirement.

I said hope, because thanks to the internet people can now share their stock market retirement horror stories with the masses. There are people during retirement that have lost most of their money during a market clash and are force to work extra years just to be able to survive.

Once again a penny saved is still a penny! This do not solve your money problem.

The solution

If you want to be wealthy, learn a high income skill that solve your income problem.

Once you solve your money problem and you making huge amount money then you invest.

Because you are putting huge amount of money into investing it quickly will get to a critical point where the dividend alone from your investment is higher than your lifestyle expenses.

At this point you are truly financially independent, and you work out of boredom or because work bring you purpose, not because you have to. You work because you want to work not because you have to.

Pay attention!

Instead of spending a lot of TIME saving money, cutting expenses, budgeting, etc.

What you really need is MORE MONEY!

More money triumph over cutting expenses. There is no limit to more money, there is a limit to cutting expenses.

More money buy you time.

More money buy you freedom.

There is supply and demand in the marketplace.

Use a high income skill to create more value in the market place.

When you have more money, Budget is irrelevant.

More money may not solve all your problem, but it surely will solve ALL your money problems.

I hope you can see the difference between the school of thoughts.

One school of thought, is be poor your entire life or maybe middle class your entire life and hope to have enough money to retired by saving pockets change for decades.


The other school of thought, is focus all you time and effort into learning a high income skill that bring your so much money that you are force into investing because you need to find different places where to put all the income that you are generating.

Is heart breaking to spend a life time working and later found out that you are barely surviving.

You don’t have expense problem, you don’t have a saving problem, actually thinking about it you don’t even have a money problem.

What you have is an skill problem, what you have is an income problem.

You know what, let us define money, income, skill and high income skill.


Money is a commodity accepted by general consent as a median of exchange for good and services.

Income is money received on a regular basic for work or for investments.

Skill is the ability to do something well or to have expertise knowledge in a particular field.

High income skill, by general consent it appears that are skill sets that will earn you an income of $10,000 or more each month.

High income skills List

  • Digital content Creator
  • Digital content marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Financial skills
  • Graphic design
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing
  • Business writing
  • Deal making
  • Sales
  • Closing
  • Software development
  • Web development
  • Cyber Security
  • Public speaking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technical skills
  • Specialize skills
  • Legal skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Training
  • Teaching
  • Coaching
  • Creative skills
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Operations
  • Supervising Teams

There are many high income skills, if I have to start over I would pick something that have these principles.

It can not trade my time for money. Meaning, I do the work once, and it generate income whether I am there or not. I love Affiliate marketing for this very reason. You only need to do a video, or a blog post, or a podcast or a post in social media once.

It needs to be scalable. Meaning, I can use money to run ad campaigns. If run an ad that cost me $1 and it generate $1.01 that’s 0.01 cent profit. But if run an ad that cost me $1 and it generate $2 dollars, that’s a whole $1 profit, as long as I am in profit will spend as much money as I can.

Also meaning, I can use money to outsource the work. That’s right, I can outsource part of the work or everything.


Instead of me writing a blog post, I can pay someone to write that blog post. Instead of me editing a video, I can hire someone to edit the video.

If you want to be wealthy, learn a high income skill that solve your income problem.

That’s it.

Take a calculated risk.

Now, start and adjust as you go.

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