Live off dividends QYLD ETF

When you invest you can make money with capital appreciation or dividends or both. QYLD is ETF that has little to no capital appreciation. Therefore, the reason to invest into QYLD would be for monthly dividends to use the cashflow or to Reinvest the dividends in order to have higher cash flow later on.

Thing to know because there is little to no capital appreciation , over time QYLD may cost less per share.

Also QYLD has dividend but it do not have dividend growth.

another thing , for QYLD EFT the break down of the dividends appears to be 60% short term capital gain, aka ouch! taxes, and the other 40% long term capital gain.

On the other hand if you were to invest, in a ETF with both capital appreciation and dividends Like QQQ you may benefit from both capital appreciation and dividends. Assuming that is a Bull market.

Why assuming that is a Bull market?

Because in a bear market dividends stocks tend to do better than growth stocks. In bear market many companies keep paying you dividends even when the price of stock goes down. On the other hand growth is stocks in a bear market the price does down, mean your share value is less.

That’s it for today, just wanted to get this small tip out of my mind into writing.

Now, start and adjust as you go.

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