Steps to becoming a millionaire

There are many ways to become a millionaire. Here are some simple to follow ways that people has reach the millionaire status. Steps to becoming a millionaire simplified.

Step 1:

Manager your money like the wealthy. Write down your personal income statement or business income statement. The right side of the chart shows how the rich buy assets that generate income and with the generated income they buy more assets.

From every income source save at least 10% of your income and invest that income into buying assets that bring you more money.

robert kiyosaki chart

Step 2:

Learn and level up your skills. You either growing or shrinking, so never retired. This one maybe is hard to digest what if you get to live to 120 years. You need to be physically healthy and mentality active. By always learning and developing your skills, your cash flow should increase.

You want to get to a point financially where you work because you want to not because you has to. You do this by always maintaining and learning new skills.


Step 3:

Whatever your lifestyle is, you should live below you means. Meaning your income should be less than your living expenses.

live below your means

Now start and adjust as you go.

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