Mind definition – The Truth – Understanding

The mind is the set of faculties responsible for mental phenomena. Some of these faculties are thought, imagination, memory, sensation and will. These faculties are responsible for some mental phenomena such as perception, emotions, intention, desire, belief and pain experience.

Here is another definition of the mind

The mind are the things in a person that enable that person to be aware of the world. It’s the thing that enable that person to experience. The mind is combination of faculties such as thoughts, feeling, consciousness.

Is the mind a function of the body? or the body is a function of the mind?

People can easily think of a picture of the brain.

People can not easily think of a picture of the mind.

Today still people are having problem picturing or defining the mind. The reason is, there is a lot of unknow variables.

When people speak about the mind there is a lot of debates, opinions, conjectures.

I am not interested on non factual things. I am interested on the Truth. I am interested on the Now, Things that I can verified myself. I am interested in understanding.


Phenomenon is a observable event or fact.

Mental is an adjective, mental means relating to the mind.

Conjecture is a noun and it’s an opinion or conclusion formed on the basic of incomplete information

Prescription is a recommendation or something that has being establish by an authority figure.

That’s it.

Take a calculated risk.

Start and adjust as you go.

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