How Can Your Blog Make Money?

There are many ways you can make money with a blog or website.

Some of the ways are:

Email Marketing, this is probably one the best since most businesses use email marketing. It’s inexpensive and low entry level. But the most important thing is that not only do you own your list but It take you the same amount of time to email 1 person as it does to email 1 million.

Affiliate Marketing, definitely close to the top. Since you can be doing your own thing, minding your own business. Just put a link 🙂 and sell other people’s products.

eBooks, you can create and sale eBooks, like kindle books

Sponsored reviews, do you enjoy free stuff? with high traffic you will be getting a lot of people trying to convince you to review their products.

Your own product, now that we talking about products, you can always create your own product and sell it on Your blog. but Its recommend to have an audience first.

Ads, you can sell ads on your blog.

Membership site, build a monthly subscription service.

Consultation, you can trade your time for money with consultation.

whatever you decide to do, Make sure to build an audience without it. Well best of luck

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