4 Minutes That Might Change Your Life

Two types of people the ones that see the world through the power of ” and and more “, the ones that see the world through the limitation of ” or and no“.

I just ran into this video by GaryVee. I had to write a quick post about it. To my understanding he goes on a rant on how a portion of people tend to look at the world through a limited perspective with OR and No.

While other portion of people look at the world with unlimited perspective with and and more.


group of people with or and no.

This group of people tend to think that product A is better than product B. Or product B is better than product A. They tend to have a no mentality. A scarcity mentality.


Group of people with and and more.

This group of people see the world with a win win mentality.

Product A and Product B are both good. Because there are people making money with product A and there are also people making money with product B.

He goes into a example about real estate. How he earn 0 income from real estate. He is not interest in investing in real estate.

However, he doesn’t need to put real estate business down. He understand that there are a lot of people making passive income with real estate.

The other thing that he goes on is the more, meaning that everybody can get a piece of the pie. Someone’s garbage is someone else treasure.

Here are some examples.

Someone is making money out of marbles

4 mintues that might change your life

Transformers? Look at the price!

4 mintues that might change your life transformers

You don’t have to like this guy work hard perspective, but he does have a good point. With an And, More view of the world. Instead of “either or”, it may be beneficial to you to go with “both” and “and“.

Here is a link to his rant in case you want to watch it.

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