Brian Tracy History

Here is a Brian Tracy small history that can help in your own journey. This is base on my understanding and opinion.

When Brian Tracy was young, he made good money with public speaking.

He did two month research and gave a speech call “21 success secrets of self made millionaires” then he put it into a book.

You have to become a completely different person in order to be a millionaire.

The guy maybe is a workaholic. He write a book 4 times a years. This is a book every 90 days.

He thinks that your first book brings peoples attention. Your second book will prove that the first one was not a fluke. The third book or eBook will be the one the may be bring you some money. Any books after that increase your skills and earning potential.

Brian Tracy can write so many books because he has a system that he follow. Just like some people have a cooking recipe to cook, he does have a recipe to write books.

The writing book system that he follow goes like this.

What is the book about?, Who is the book for?, What are the subjects in the book that are not covered somewhere else?, What is the system and methodology and process?

Brian Tracy avoid fiction books, he only write nonfiction books. The nonfiction books he writes are basically do this and get this result. It appears he does 100’s of hours.

He suggest to write your goals on paper on present tense as you had already achieved.


If you make $13 per year and you want to make a million by January 2025 then you write.

I earned $13k per year in 2021 I am a self made millionaire by January 2025. Just report the facts.

In one of his speech, he quoted Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill in 1936 said “do something that you love and do it well and you’ll never work another day for the rest of your life”

You’ll never work again because you could hardly wait to get to work. You cold hardly wait to do it. because you have passion for it. You love it.

Books he recommends: “checklist manifesto”, “Napoleon Hills the Master key to riches is self discipline”

He thinks that if you discipline yourself, you may feel like an athlete that win first place.

When you win your body releases endorphins and dopamine. Endorphins is the body happy drugs. Dopamine is a form of energy that you get from a positive experience. Therefore when you complete a task the body release these drugs and you feel happy.

Alfred Adler call it a positive addition. he said if you start and complete a task , you get a buzz and the buzz becomes addictive, you start thinking I want that buzz again.

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