Self Awareness – It Allows Better Results

Self awareness is our skill to pay attention to our thoughts and actions.

By paying attention to the thoughts and actions, you have more control over the choices you make.

by having more control over the choices you make, you can make better decisions.

Making better decisions allow you to have better results.

Self Awareness Allow You To Learn From Anyone

Self awareness allow you to learn from anyone.

When you write something and people comment on it, you are going to have positive comments and negative comments. whether the comment is bad or good, you should be able to learn something.

I think we can learn something from most people.

Strong Business Principal

Self awareness allow you to have strong business principals.

There was this time I was trying to do self hosting email. I learned a lot but in the end I finished paying for email hosting service. By allowing them to do the techie stuff and maintenances. It allow me to focus on what I do best, saving me a lot of time and money.

Therefore, self awareness allow you to learn what to do. if you failed, it also allows you to learn what not to do.

So if you lack any skills , you’ll have more control over the ability to notice that you are lacking that skill.

Successful People Wants You To Succeed

When you look a news. There are so many negative news. It’s because bad news sells. You may wants to stop watching news.

To the contrary to the popular belief, most successful people wants you to succeed. Do you remember of any time when you were young , maybe in high school. Maybe you knew the answer to a problem and someone ask you for help and you eagerly gave the answer. it’s because of fulfilment.

When you accomplished something that most people are not able to accomplish the ego is in over drive. The human competitive nature of our makes do to extreme things.

However, once you accomplish something and it becomes second nature to you. There is a kind of fulfilment that you only experience by truly helping others accomplish the same thing.

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