Showering With Cold Water And Warm Water

Is being over a month since I started showering with warm water and cold water and this is what I have noticed.

Like a month of so ago I started taking showers like this. I started with warm water and did what needed to be done.

Then last 30 seconds to 1 minute and half I switched the water from warm to all the way to cold water.

At first it felt really cold and not comfortable.

But as days went through, I noticed that it was becoming easier and longer.

These few seconds at first now were minutes.

I kind of started enjoying the ways the body feels.

Today was different.

Today I open the warm water like usual. But then I thought, my body has being enjoying the cold water much longer lately, is like the body was actually expecting it.

So let me try something difference today, I went ahead and turned the warm water to cold from the start.

It was like the body was prepare for the cold water I quite enjoyed. You see how sometime you taking a shower and the mind goes wandering and time pass by and you don’t notice.

well today was like that.

I got out the shower and I notice that that shower was just over 20 minutes.

I can actually feel the temperature of the room on my skin. It felt kind of warm.

I am not sure, and this is my opinion. I think that the cold water improve your blood circulation. I think the cold water make your blood rush through the body to keep the body warm.

Maybe because it making the body work harder to keep the body regular temperature.

If that assumption is true, then you may expect the opposite to be true.

Although we may have to take into consideration the temperature of the room of course.

If the temperature of the room is hot or warm them it make more sense to shower with cold water.

but if the temperature of the room is already cold, it would make more sense to shower with warm water.

But problem arise because human are creature of habits. And if you shower with warm water, mostly you going to shower with warm water during the cold or warm seasons.

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