28 ways to stay poor – 28 ways or rules to be rich

REPROGRAM your mind to be rich in 22 minutes… 28 ways to stay poor, inversion thinking, our brain tend to be better at finding problems than finding solutions or 28 rules to be rich . Watch the video bellow by Alex Hormozi or read the list below the video

28 ways to stay poor

  1. Start tomorrow
  2. Read lots of book and then do nothing
  3. Take advice from poor people on how to be rich
  4. Pick a spouse who will make you feel guilty for working
  5. Fail once, quit forever
  6. Think that the world is fair
  7. Blame your circumstances and complain
  8. N/A, (i think he skipped # 8) probably complain
  9. Expect the government to save you
  10. Value the opinions of other over your own
  11. Avoid discomfort
  12. Tolerate mediocrity
  13. Make promises , break promises
  14. Way for perfect conditions
  15. Prioritize looking rich over being rich
  16. Avoid working on what matters most
  17. Say you are going to do something and then don’t do it
  18. Do what everybody else is doing
  19. Do your best, not what it takes
  20. Talk more, do less
  21. Start something new today, start something new tomorrow, try something else next day …
  22. Believe what other people think about you
  23. Make a mistake then repeat the same mistake
  24. Be replaceable
  25. Find something that works then stop doing it
  26. Hire dumb people
  27. Assume that you are always right
  28. Make money, spend more than you make

28 ways to be rich

By the end of the video, Alex Hormozi gave the 28 ways to be rich as well, but Adzy an YouTube commentator was nice enough to posted the 28 ways to be rich.

  1. Don’t wait, start right now. Now.
  2. Act, don’t read.
  3. Only listen to rich people.
  4. Only have relationships with supportive people, friends or spouse.
  5. Never stop testing, experimenting. The only failure is to give up.
  6. The world isn’t fair
  7. Never blame your circumstances. Assume all responsibility.
  8. The government will not save you. You are alone.
  9. Trust your own judgement.
  10. Seek pain and discomfort. It is a compass.
  11. Never tolerate mediocrity. Be disgusted by it.
  12. Never break promises. Your reputation is critical. Even to yourself.
  13. Never wait for the perfect moment. Just start.
  14. Look poor, spend less, actually have money instead.
  15. Prioritize, only act on leveraged tasks. Pareto.
  16. Do what you say.
  17. Avoid whatever anyone else is doing, they are poor. Go a unique path.
  18. Do whatever it takes, even if its beyond your capabilities. Do it and win anyway.
  19. Talk less, no routines, no fluff, just work.
  20. Commit to something and finish it. Shiny object syndrome is poison.
  21. Don’t listen to other people’s views of you.
  22. Never repeat a mistake. A mistake is only a failure if you repeat it.
  23. Be so good that you’re irreplaceable.
  24. Don’t get into saturated market and undercut them.
  25. Find what works and then concentrate on it.
  26. Only work with smart people.
  27. Always assume you’re missing something. Never be satisfied.
  28. Spend less than you make.

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