You ought to keep up with technology

You ought to keep up with technology, otherwise you are going to fall behind. Let me give you an example of what happened to me today…

You ought to keep up with technology

We are supposed to manage our money with different checking accounts. It’s good to be diversify just in case something happens.

I am the kind of person that prefer to be rich and unknown rather than rich and fames.


Sometime we take things for granted, I found that one of the pleasures in life is to have the ability to walk down the street without anybody stopping you. Just being not notice, being no-one bring piece and quiet to my life.

So, I decided to open another checking account with certain bank. I filled out all my personal information and we got to a part where it was asking to upload some documents to verified my identity.

I said to myself no problem, So I try to upload the documents from my computer to the bank.

Guess What?

You cannot do that with that bank. It won’t allow you to upload documents from your computer without a camera.

You have to have a camera in your computer or a smart phone to scan the QR code. You basically have to take a selfie right there in real time, so this new system can compare your State Photo ID with the selfie to see if it does matches or you have to go to the bank in person assuming that the bank has a walk in branch.

There are banks that are online only.

So what’s the problem? Just take the selfie you said

This might sound surprise and maybe unbelievable but there are people who rarely or never take selfies. There are people that have no social media.


I don’t know, people have different reasons. Some people don’t need a picture of themselves. Maybe some people are not as photogenic as others, maybe some people are shy , maybe some people don’t like to share pictures.

For whatever reason some people are not into selfies.

Anyway, here I am with multiples computers with no cameras on them, so that’s out of the question.

I have personal and work cell phones that have cameras, Now I have to learn this selfie and QR code Technology.

What’s the moral of the story?

You ought to keep up with technology, otherwise you are going to fall behind.



I like the feature, It took me like an hour to learn the selfie and QR code technology and upload the document.

Thinking back now, if I have to do it again, with the knowledge that I have now, it probably should take less than a minute. You simple open your smartphone camera, scan the the QR code and click on the link that show up , it will take you to a bank website.

The bank website will ask you scan the front of the document, then the back of the document , then ask you to take a selfie of your face.

After you take the selfie of you face the bank start processing the information, it take like 30 seconds to process the info.

Done. You have a new checking, savings account.

I actually like this feature. It save you a trip to the bank.


What i don’t like about it is that, it makes you self conscious.

You see, when I turn on the camera and look at my face on it, I was like Mmm dawn, you look good but you can look better, so I went to take a shower, do some self care, you know the usual, some trimming, shaving, etc.

After a while…

I am ready, I log in into the online bank, do the scanning QR code, scanned the document.

When I got to the selfie part, the part that I need to take a photo of my face, I notice that my arms are getting tired.

hey, if you are going to take selfie might as well take a nice one. (the self conscious part speaking).

Then suddenly the bank logged me out and I have to start over


I went over 10 minutes trying to take a selfie.

So I tried again, I’m grad that once i took the selfie, it automatically started processing the information and it did not let me see the picture, otherwise if the photo had not came out the way i wanted i probably would have keep taking photos until one i like came up.

So, selfie make you self conscious

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