What is email validation?

The average Return of investment through email marketing is $30 to $42 for every 1$ spend. Can you do the same? If done correctly, yes. “Buying intent” email list is the foundation, the list should be deliverable, it should be valid and it should be clean.

We’ll go over what is email validation?, why email validation is crucial?, how does email validation works?, ways of implementing email validation, benefits of email validation, email validation services and tools.

What is email validation?

Email validation is a way of verifying whether or not an email address is valid and whether or not that email address is deliverable.

When an email valid, it means that the email does exist.

When an email is deliverable, it means that the email is received and does not get lost or return. In other words. When you send an email, the person that is supposed to received the email do in fact received the email.

Why email validation is crucial?

Email validation is crucial and important. it help with email validity, delivery, accuracy, it reduces email bounce rate, it saves money, it increase engagement, the return of investment is higher (ROI), It protect your reputation, it help prevent abuse, and much more.

How does email validation works?

You have to have a bunch of email from an email list or you can also validate a single email.

You then upload your list of email ID’s to the validation tool or service.

The validation tool or service then will do it’s thing. When it’s done it will show you if the email addresses are valid, risky or invalid.

Valid, it means that the email address does exist. And it’s in good status.

Risky, it means that the email address does exist but it may be risky. it’s possible that the email might bounce back.

Invalid, it means that there is some kind of error, it could be mailbox error, it could be a DNS error, it could be a syntax errors. It basically means there is some type of error that needs to be fix.

Ways of implementing email validation

There are many ways to implement email validation. Some of them you have see it, even if you don’t know about it.

Auto-complete: Have you ever being typing an email and suddenly a full email appears. it’s call auto-complete. This is a type of feature that help you people reduce the amount of manual errors.

Double opt-in is another type. If force you to do two things. If someone where to enter their email in order to get something, that’s one opt in. Then that person will have to log into their email and click the email link for email verification, that’s the second opt-in.

Tools and services, you can also use free and paid tools or services in order to implement email validation.

Benefits of email validation

There are so many benefit of email validations. Here are some of them

  • It reduces people stress, it’s frustrating when you send a bunch of email and many of them bounce back.
  • It saves money.
  • It helps to keep the email list updated or up to date.
  • It increases the Return of investment (ROI).
  • It help with delivery.
  • It help with validity.
  • It help with bounce rate.
  • It Help with invalid emails.
  • It help with Risky emails.
  • It hep with accuracy.
  • It help protect your brand.
  • It help to personalize your email.
  • It help protect the sender reputation.
  • It help lower your spam complaints
  • It help to get better leads
  • It helps you with data, like real time email validation

Email validation services and tools.

The vast majority of (ESPs) email service providers have some type of email validation services. There are many free and paid tools that allow you to validate email address. MX toolbox is one them.

You can always go to the search engine and type “best email validation tool” or “best email validation service”


Email validation is way too important not to have it. If you are doing email marketing for example, this is a must. Whether you go the free route or paid route you should consider doing it.

Without it, it will be really hard to maintain a low spam rates.

It will help you with validity, delivery. It will help keep you email clean.

Remember, The average Return of investment through email marketing is $30 to $42 for every 1$ spend when done correctly.

That’s it.

Take a calculated risk.

Now, start and adjust as you go.

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