Pretty privilege meaning – men and women

Pretty privilege means that in general people in society tend to be bias toward attractive people. We tend to act nicer toward attractive people.

Example: Women want financial security from relationship

In general men act nicer toward beautiful women. Society has a standard for beauty. Some women has the beautiful genes.

If a women is ugly, men may not notice her. In most cases even when they do notice the ugly women, the interaction is not same. You can blame the media and marketing for that if you want. That’s just the reality. Unpretty women are mostly invisible for men.

In a way women just need to main their value. In general men do not care about women education level or women financial status. As shallow as it may seen, men mainly care about how a women physically look in their eyes.

Men care about women femininity. Not to be confused with feminist. Men like girls to act like girls.

Men also care if the women show respect. In a man’s eyes, a woman showing respect equate to caring.

Example : Men want beauty

In general men have to acquire their value. Handsomeness play a very small part. The higher the financial status of men are, the higher is their value.

Obviously, women like attractive men. But men are not suppose to be attractive. Me are supposed to be rugged, Masculine, protector, providers.

Men body produce testosterone. In men testosterone increase bone mass and muscle, it increase the growth of body hair.

A man can be bald, short, fat and old. As long as that man has a high financial status, there would be a large amount of women available. Remember, the world is a really big place.

On the other hand.

A women can be bald, fat, and old with high amount of money. There will be very few men that will be willing to tackle that beast.

That’s it.

Take a calculated risk.

Now, start and adjust as you go.

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