Build wealth in 3 simple steps

How to build wealth in 3 simple steps. Let’s go over them.

If you want to become financially free and build wealth you have to create some type of income, you have to growth that income and you have to become an investor.

Create some type of income source.

First, you have to create some type of income. Most people have just one source of income. This source of income is their regular job. Most people do make enough money from this regular job. So you have to start making more money.

You have to create another source of income. But not a extra job. It have to be a source of income where you do not trade your time for money. Also, it has to be scalable.

Grow the income source

Second, you have to grow the income source. Now that you have a second income source or side hustle, you have to be consistent. When it get hard, you probably may want to give up. But you have to keep pushing through the hard part.

A blog for example

If you go the free way with organic traffic only, you could take any way from 6 months to 24 months before seen any good income. But once all those blog post you wrote start compounding, You’ll be grand that you started a blog. Of course, you can expedite your progress with paid traffic.

You can start with any type of scalable business. Like a YouTube channel, tiktok, facebook, etc. I recommend blog or website because you own it and unlike the other platform you can’t be banned.

Whatever you decide to do, it have to be a online business. If you have job that require skills like a mechanic, teacher, constructor, electrician etc. You can take those skills and put it online. Do affiliate market or create your own product.

If you don’t have any skills then learn and earn as you learn, by doing affiliate marketing. Document and share your process. We all have to start somewhere.

Become an investor

Third, you have to become an investor. Whether you manage your money or someone manager your money for you, you have to star Investing for capital gain and dividend income.

You can become financially free by investing the fast way or the slow way.

The slow way, you take some money from your regular job and invest it for retirement.

The fast way. You create a scalable side hustle that make you so much money that you reach early retirement quick.

That’s it for today.

Now, start and adjust as you go.

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