How most people live their human life

The average Life expectancy is around 80 years. It appears that this is how most people live their life. They go and spend most of their life working in a job they don’t like. I was thinking why is that? isn’t there a better way? it’s better to just do something that you love and make money at it too.

For most people the happiest memory happens between the ages of 0-20. During this time. Most likely you can see a lot of joy, laughing, playing, learning, positive things.

During ages of 20-30. it appears that there are at lot of survival mode. oh those dam Mondays. The 9-5 jobs, all the dreams and goals almost gone, we stop learning, it seems like everything people do is work. Life appears really hard and unfair. There is a lot of complaining, barely any joy and laugh.

During age 30-40. Here come the middle age crisis. You find out that either your guardians screw you up, you screw up or both. And we are still on survive mode.

Your guardians selfishly brought you to this hard world without giving you a competitive advantage. Or you screw up, yeah, for what ever reason you waste your early years and now found out you are running out of time or both

During ages 40-65. This is the time when people start to get wiser and really thinking about financial freedom and retirement.

During ages 65-80. This is the time when people wish to be young again, their body stop functioning as well as it used to. They basically just waiting for D…. just waiting to move on.

Great news, thanks to the internet and modern era. People are starting to wake up. People are living longer, People are starting their financial freedom journey. People are taking better care of their bodies and minds.

Now, start and adjust as you go.

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