How to have more money

How to have more money is a question that many people ask at some point in their life. There many ways to have more money. We are going to go over some of these ways. Whatever you choose to do, just remember to always spend less than you earn.

You can have more money by either decreasing your income or by increasing your income.

Decreasing your income

  • Eliminate expenses
  • Reduce taxes
  • Spend less
  • Eat in more
  • Compare prices
  • Cash back apps
  • Use coupons

Increasing your income

  • start a blog
  • Start a video channel like YouTube
  • Start a podcast
  • Start a side hustle
  • Start a business
  • Get a better paying job
  • Get a second job
  • Do real Estate
  • Do freelance work
  • Invest your money

That’s it.

Now start and adjust as you go.

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