How To Build A List OF Buyers – Not Freebie Seekers

Would you be passionate about making money as a blogger. If that’s a yes then you may need a list of Buyers.

Keep in mind, that you are not going to get this list of buying by doing freebies.

You may have heard that the money is in the list. This statement is partially true.

So many bloggers start building list with lead magnet freebies. They start putting out content after content to later find out how hard is to sell anything.

They wonder why the people on the list aren’t buying?

what’s really happening is that the list they had built is mostly useless.

It’s useless because it’s full of people seeking for free stuff.

A rational person would think that lead magnets and free stuff has it’s place. However if you are here to make money then you need to start building a buyer list.

You can do this either by selling someone else product or service or by selling your own product or service.

The people that get on this list are people with buying intent.

Let me remove any doubt you have. Think of any product of service that you would buy without a second thought.

If you having trouble thinking of one, let me give you a few.

If your cell phone where to get damage beyond repair, you probably be buying one in no time. How about Internet?…

Do you know that there are people that will pay thousands of dollars for entertainments. And this hobby although enjoyable, it doesn’t even make them any money.

Do you know that for a percentage of people $100 may seem like a lot, but for another group people that’s pocket change.

So instead of focusing on the people without buying power, you should focus on the people with the intent to buy and with buying power.

Start building a Buying list.

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