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There are people who have spend their entire life studying Wealth, finance, investing, trading, risk management, money, you name it. There are certain concepts that are not known by the masses. One of these concept will determine whether you will be poor, rich or wealthy.

The understanding of this concept will give you an edge over most people. You will understand how really wealth is create.

Every human being has a money thermostat. If you making 20k-60k per year this thermostat will keep you earning money around that range.

Every human being has a wealth creation mindset, a wealth creation programing, a wealth creation habit. Call it what ever you want. Let’s call it wealth creation equation (WCE) to be on the same page.

This wealth creation equation is how you earn income and generate wealth.

If you not making any money, your wealth creation is 0. So your WCE = 0

If you have a full time job that pays $15 per hours and you work 80 per weeks.

Your WCE = $15 x( hrs worked) – taxes

15×80 hours – minutes taxes = 1200 – taxes = $940. Therefore, your take home check is around $1k

If want to make a million dollar, you will have to work

1,000,000/15 = 66,666.66 hours

66.666.66/80 = 833.33 weeks

833.33/52 = 16.02 years

This is just to make the money , we are not counting your expenses. ouch!

Even if you were able to work more at the cost of your health, a week only have 168 hours.

This show you that you cannot scale time. Also as many of us know is very hard to scale your job wages.

The same thing apply if you only saving 5 per day or 150 per month and put it into ETF index funds. It would take you around 40 years give it or take. Assuming That everything goes well and not counting inflation.

Therefore, If you want to make a lot of money , you need to stop trading time for money. Start doing things that are scalable.

Here are some examples that can generate you money 24/7.





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