What Is The One Thing That Every Human Being Wants?

I was taking a shower, getting ready to allow this body of mine take a good long rest. My mind was on over drive thinking different things. When suddenly this thought came to my mind.

Human wants control. When human control things is called wealth and when human control other people is called power.

I needed to go to rest but I had to write this down before something else occupy my mind and I forget.

I started this post.

So I started thinking this thought must has come from some where. So I started looking through my things.

I had an idea from where it could had come but I couldn’t find it. I went to google search engine and started typing different words to see if I could find it.

Still I could not find it.

I was seconds away from giving up when suddenly I found it.

It was a dam article I read a really long time ago.

It’s amazing the way the mind works.

Here is the link to the article I read, it appears that the person that wrote the article has being updating it.

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