The 13 Commandments of wealth – my opinion on it.

If you type on the search engine “commandments of wealth” you’ll get anything from 10 to 13 commandments of wealth. Some commandments appears to have come from the bible, other commandments appears to have come from savvy people.

It appears that the purpose of them are to obtain and maintain wealth, so you can live in abundance.

I like to shorten and simplify things to make it easier. we’ll go over each of them and I’ll give you my opinion on them.

13 Commandments of Wealth

1 – Thou shall give more value than you take.

If you provide enough value, people will gladly pay you money. Have you ever hear of supply and demand. Someone’s garbage is another person’s treasure! If people perceive something has enough value , they will gladly exchange their money for that something.

You can create something of value, such as a product or service and exchange it for money. You can create a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast and provide value.

I keep hearing people say money doesn’t bring you happiness. Happiness come from within. Yet we live in a world where money is necessary for survival.

In this planet call earth. There are first world countries and third world countries or developing countries. Many of the first world countries have welfare state where the government helps poor people.

In the United state for example a single mother does not need a man for survival. They can get help paying utilities, rent assistance, food, medical bills, health care and other financial aid.

Men on the other hand, generally men do not qualify for welfare, no Medicaid, no child care, no cash welfare. Actually, there is this program call earned income tax credit (EITC) and men that qualify for this program usually get 1/10 of what a women get that qualify for the same program.

Over here in the U.S. they call men, walking wallets.

If a man is not in the Top 10% income earner, there is no reason to get married and have children. There is simply little to no benefit for a man to get married.

The current system is bias against men. Child support, alimony, welfare, men can get incarcerated for failing child support.

Even if you are not aware of child support , even if you are not the father of the child. it’s call default judgement.

I not blaming men or women. I am just stating what it is. The current system that we have it’s set up this way.

We’ll go more in details later on.

2 – Thou shall create a budget and stick to it.

There are so many people recommending creating a budget and sticking to it.

The problem with this is that a penny saved, it’s still a penny.

You see there is limit on how much you can cut your expenses because we all have basic needs for survive.

Instead, how about you increase your income high enough to the point that a budget is not needed.

3 – Thou shall lead an integral life.

Meaning you should do business legal and ethically. Because you want to be able to sleep at night without worrying. You want peace of mind at night. You want to be sincere.

You see there is the B.S that are preach to the masses to keep the masses in check. And then there is reality.

First, most people fallow the law. Since the day that we are born , We have being indoctrinated to follow society rules.

We follow the rules because of self interest as well, there are deterrent that keep people in check. If we don’t follow the rules then there are bad consequence for us.

Also not all, but most business try to earn and keep the trust of their customer. More trust more profit. Less trust less profit. It’s common sense.

The reality is, the purpose of a business is to make profit.

Let’s bring back the child support example.

Also let me tell you right away. Child support is a business. It’s main purpose is to make profit. It’s not in the best interest of the child as they try to preach.

If a man fails to pay child support, he’s license can be revoke, he can be fine, he can be thrown in jail.

remember, even if you are not aware of child support , even if you are not the father of the child. It’s call default judgement.

At some point in our life, most people go through a period of financial need.

If they revoke a driven license, how is a man suppose to go to work to get money to pay for child support. Not every place has buses and even if they have buses, there are just making the person life more difficult to get money.

They fine the men. If the man falls behind, they now has to pay more money than before, even though they fall behind because not enough money. People lost jobs for x reason all the time. remember in the us there almost no welfare help for men.

If they put men jail, how is the men supposed to get money to pay for child support?


Before I said that if a man is not if in the Top 10% income earners, there is no reason to get married and have children. There is simply little to no benefit for a man to get married.

This is some of the reasons why.

Top 10% income earners.

If for x reason the married does not work, a man should be able to have the wealth to pay for alimony if she was a stay home mon, and child support for his heirs. This is ok, and this is understandable. Men wants to protect and take good care of their families and love one.

Not in the Top 10% income earners.

If the man does not have the wealth and the married does not work, a world of misery and pain awaits him.


Because even in case where the woman don’t want any financial help from the man.

Even if she has a great relationship with the father but think just didn’t work out.

The moment she apply for welfare, welfare will come after the father for child support.

Welfare will get their profit.

This third party call welfare in most cases will negative affect even the best relationship between the man and the woman. As a result the child will end up suffering.

4 – Thou shall determine your financial goal.

Meaning you should decide your financial goal. Maybe create a roadmap to financial wealth.

This one was a good laugh. I had to stop typing for like 2 minutes.

This is actually is good advice.

We just need to find the correct roadman to financial wealth and share it that way we all can be wealthy.

5 – Thou shall be courageous.

meaning be brave , don’t be afraid of pain, don’t’ be deterred by dancer or fear in the pursue of wealth.

well, they way I see it.

Smart people get rich, dumb people get rich, coward people get rich , courageous people get rich.

6 – Thou shall make planned and informed investment decisions.

meaning, if you are going to be investing in anything, you should do you research and do diligence first so you can do a well informed investment decision

This is common sense. If you trying to invest in order to make a profit. You actually invest because you think that you will be making a profit.

7 – Thou shall be disciplined.

meaning, you should be disciplined in order to obtain wealth.

I disagree.

You can be the most discipline person in the world and still be broke.

You can be undisciplined and be wealthy.

They way I see, some habits come easy to you. Habits does not care whether the action is good or bad. it’s just a habit.

How about this instead.

Wealthy habits will make you wealthy.

8 – Thou shall keep debts in check.

meaning, you should control your debt. Weather the debt is necessary or not.

I think there is bad debt and there is good debt.

Good debt make you wealthy.

There are people that have gone to the bank and take a loan. Used that load to buy a property to rent to tenants. The tenants end up paying for the property. Mind you, the person that too the loan use the bank money or other’s people money to acquire the property.

Bad debt is any debt that does not bring you profit.

If you going be buying liabilities which we all do at some level, it should be bought by a portion of the income that your asses generate.

9 – Thou shall avoid conspicuous consumption.

Meaning, you should keep an eyes on your expending habit as you money grow.

This is just a fact.

As the income that people make increase, so does they lifestyle.

So we should not forget to live within our means.

We should not forget the main goal is to be wealthy or being financially free or financially independence.

10 – Thou shall build supportive environments

Meaning, you should find a place where you can concentrate without distraction when working on wealth building. And/or you can network and associate with people that have the same goal of building wealth as you.

Yes, make sense, if you can afford a room or place for working toward wealth only. Sure, be my guess.

11 – Thou shall listen to your own voice above any other.

You should listen to your own voice above any other.

My voice is telling me to manage my own money.

If you are going to be investing in the stock market for example, you can let someone else invest and manage your money or you can invest and manage your own money.

I think is better to manage your own money. You can passively invest in the long run.

If you feel like being more active you can swing trade or day trade.

12 – Thou shall be frugal but no miserable.

Meaning, that you should be frugal and not waste unnecessary money to a point. Do not take frugality to the extreme otherwise it may make you unhappy. If this make you unhappy this is contra productive for wealth build.

13 – Thou shall work as little as possible.

You should wok as little as possible.

I totally agree!

In fact, you should work enough to take care of you basic needs and hobbies.

Find a way to make money from you hobbies.

Use the money that you generate from your hobbies to invest in financial freedom

Once you achieve financial freedom, stop working, keep your hobbies and live ever after till the end of days.


All the commandments in a way are helpful in your journey to financial wealth. You should take and incorporate in your life what you think is beneficial to you. It’s your journey after all.

To make it simpler I would say.

Live within you means. Increase you income. Use the excess money to invest in the long run for financial freedom. If you feel like playing you can try swing trading or day trading. Once you become wealthy use the a portion of the income that your assets generate to fund your lifestyle.

You may want to create an income statement. look at chart, like right side of the picture below.

robert kiyosaki chart

That’s it

Take a calculated risk.

Now, start and adjust as you go.

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